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Risk Disclosure

Last modification 03 Mar 2022

  1. Introduction

    1. “Gratis app” is a registered brand and trade name of“Eurotrade Investments RGB Ltd” (hereinafter the “Company”) a Cypriot Investment Firm (CIF) under the Registration Number HE317893, licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (hereinafter the “CySEC”) under license 279/15 with registered address at 70, Kyrillou Loukareos Street, Kakos Premier Tower, 1st Floor, 4156, Limassol, Cyprus.

    2. Following the implementation of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive 2014/65/EU (“MiFID II”) and in accordance to the provisions of the Investment Services and Activities and Regulated Markets Law of 2017 (the “Law”), the Company aims to provide information to its clients about the risks associated when Investing.

  2. General Information

    1. This document does NOT disclose all the associated risks or other important aspects of investing and it should NOT be considered as investment advice or recommendation for the provision of any service or investment in any financial instrument.

    2. The Client should NOT carry out any investments unless he is fully aware of their nature, the risks involved and the extent of his exposure in these risks. In case of uncertainty as to the meaning of any of the warnings described below, the Client must seek an independent legal or financial advice before taking any investment decision.

    3. The Client should also be aware that:

      • The value of any investment in financial instruments may fluctuate downwards or upwards, and the investment may diminish to the extent of becoming worthless;
      • Previous returns do not constitute an indication of a possible future return;
      • Trading in Financial Instruments may entail tax and/or any other duty.
  3. Investment Risks

    1. Market Risk: Is the risk that the value of a portfolio will decrease due to the change in value of the market factors such as stock prices, interest rates, exchange rates and commodity prices. In case of a negative fluctuation in prices, the Client runs the risk of losing part or all of his invested capital.

    2. Systemic Risk: Is the risk of collapse of the entire market or the entire financial system. It refers to the risks imposed by interdependencies in a system or market, where the failure of a single entity or cluster of entities can cause a cascading negative effect, which could potentially bring down the entire system or market.

    3. Operational Risk: Is the risk of business operations failing due to human error. Operational risk will change from industry to industry and is an important consideration to make when looking at potential investment decisions. Industries with lower human interaction are likely to have lower operational risk.

    4. Liquidity risk: All securities available on our App carry liquidity risk. However, some securities carry higher liquidity risk than others. Typically, more highly traded securities will be more liquid than less traded securities. For all securities, there will be a difference between the price you can buy at (the ‘offer’ price) and the price you can sell at (the ‘bid’ price) - the offer price will almost always be higher than the bid price. The difference between these two prices is known as the bid-offer spread. More liquid stocks will have a lower bid-offer spread than less liquid ones. In addition to market fluctuations, this again means that the indicative price you see in-App when you place your order will typically vary from the price you receive when that order is executed. Liquidity risk may also mean that orders are rejected (because there are no available market participants willing to execute a trade at an acceptable price) and can result in you not being able to buy or sell your securities.

    5. Foreign Exchange Risk: Where your investments are denominated in currencies other than GBP, fluctuations in foreign exchange rates will impact the market value of your investment, as well as any dividends distributed by the company to shareholders.

    6. Country Risk: Is the risk that an investment's returns could suffer as a result of political changes or instability in a country. Instability affecting investment returns could stem from a change in government, legislative bodies, other foreign policy makers, or military control.

    7. Legal and Regulatory Risk: A change in laws or regulations made by the government or a regulatory body may increase the costs of operating a business, reduce the attractiveness of an investment and/or change the competitive landscape and by such materially alter the overall profit potential of your investment.

    8. Service interruption risks: While we try to minimise disruptions to our services, there can be instances where access to our services can be interrupted, whether this is caused by a market issue, an external provider or our own systems. As outlined in our terms and conditions, we do not guarantee that our services will always be accessible by you, always available, always functioning properly or error-free. In these situations, you may not be able to submit orders or your orders may be cancelled. You may also not be able to monitor your positions using our App.